What is Boatsetter?

Boatsetter is our company’s flagship product, the first Peer-to-Peer (P2P) marketplace specifically designed to make boat rentals accessible to consumers regardless of their boating experience. Boats sit idle 95% of the year making the market ideal for a P2P opportunity. By combining the fundamentals of Airbnb & Uber, with strong national industry partnerships, Boatsetter has the only model capable of sustaining the new “sharing economy” within the marine industry.

What services do you offer?

We offer boat owners the opportunity to offset their cost of ownership by chartering their boats through a simple mobile enabled marketplace. We offer consumers, regardless of their experience levels as a boater, the opportunity to affordably enjoy a great day on the water. We offer our captains a great way to earn income doing what they love. And, we offer the marine industry a way to make boating more affordable and accessible thereby increasing profitability within their core businesses.

How did you come up with this idea? What inspired you?

As an owner of marinas for the past 12 years, we know first hand the challenges that our boat owners have. Moreover, we know the challenges that our industry faces. The opportunity to marry the “baby boomers” that own boats, with the “Millenials” that are either unwilling or unable to afford the boating lifestyle we saw a massive opportunity. In addition, we saw a mismatch in the boat supply available for rent and the ideal boat that a consumer would want to rent. The combination of these factors led us to found Collaborative Boating Inc in March ’13.

What sets Boatsetter apart from other boating services?

Boatsetter’s management team is the most experienced in the industry with deep ties to the marine industry and decades of experience managing marinas, renting cars, operating boat clubs, managing tow boat operations, captaining vessels and, of course, starting up successful tech companies. The BoatSetter service is focused on quality boats to ensure a quality consumer experience. We are also focused on the ’28 – 60’ boat market where the largest opportunity exists.

Where do you operate?

BoatSetter launched a public beta in Florida in March ‘14. We are having great success and have begun to expand through our national network of marinas including leading marine industry companies including Aqua Marine Partners, Loggerhead Marinas, Marinas International, Flagship Marinas, Suntex Marinas, Morningstar Marinas, Brewers Yacht Yards, Almar Marinas, Conch Harbour Marina, Gulf Stream Boat Club, TEI Marinas – Best in Boating, Carefree Boat Club, Vessel Vanguard, National Liquidators & BoatUS to name a few. Our valued partners give us a national footprint as we roll out nationwide in the spring.

How do you find your boat-owners and captains?

How are they vetted? Boatsetter works with our marine industry partners around the country to find boat owners and captains. We launched www.captainswanted.com late in ’13 as the marketplace for professional vessel operators. All boats are inspected prior to being listed and all captains are pre-screened before they are allowed to work on the Boatsetter platform.

Who are the majority of your clients? (Individuals, Corporations, etc.)

Boatsetter’s clients have varied from individuals to businesses. The boat business meeting is one of our most popular experiences. Our clients find it more effective than a golf meeting.

What are the biggest challenges you have had thus far?

Our biggest challenge has been precisely what our company was founded to address… Trust. The owners of quality boats want to know that their vessels are safe and secure during the rental. Our competition seems to allow anyone to list their vessels and is relying on generic collaborative consumption tools (e.g., a bad rating) to vet the inventory. We are taking a more conservative approach to ensure that our brand is synonymous with quality and integrity.

How can people find out more about Boatsetter? (Website, Social Media)

We can be found through our nation wide network of marinas as well as online at www.boatsetter.com and through most social media platforms.

Questions? Call 844.262.8738