Boat Rental Insurance Summary

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Last Modified Date: April 23, 2015


IS IN PLACE BEFORE CHARTERING. Ask before you Charter!

This is an outline of the insurance coverage that may be available during the charter period through the BOATSETTER website. Where insurance coverage is available, a complete copy of the insurance policy setting forth all of its terms and conditions is available for Users upon request. No User of the BOATSETTER website should assume they are afforded any insurance coverage unless they receive specific written confirmation of coverage.

This is merely a summary of potentially available coverages.

  1. Third party Liability: A limit of $1,000,000.00 combined single limit with a $500.00 deductible.
  1. Hull coverage: Value as stated by the Boat Owner or actual cash value whichever is the lesser but in no case greater than $2 million dollars. Deductible applicable to hull claims is 2% of the value or $500, whichever is the greater.
  1. Uninsured boaters: up to the actual cash value of hull at the time of incident or $100,000.00 whichever is the lower.
  1. Water skiing: The limits for water skiing are: Property damage $10,000.00, Bodily injury $10,000.00 with a maximum of $20,000.00 for any one incident.
  1. Medical payments: Not covered.
  1. Assured: The vessel Owner.
  1. Co-assureds: The Renter, Affiliate and BOATSETTER.
  1. Applicable conditions: Bareboat Charters

(a) Navigational limits: Inland and coastal waters of the Continental United States of America. Powerboats within 12 miles from the nearest shoreline. Manually powered Boats within 2 miles from the nearest shoreline.

(b) Trailering: Renters may trailer the Boat, with Owner’s permission, on a trailer designed to carry the specific Boat up to 25 miles from its charter location. A 5% theft deductible shall apply to the agreed trailer value and a 10% deductible for other loss to the trailer.